Friday, 18 March 2016

Malton Food Market

Last Saturday we woke up to sun, and after my morning Twitter catch up I realised it was Malton's monthly food market- music to my ears. We've  always been busy when this event cropped up, so with nothing planned and weather good enough for an ice-cream we jumped straight outta bed. {If food is involved I will jump out of bed, literally}

One piece of advice I'd give my future self is always look at where you can park. Usually, I do this, but in our hurried state we wanted to get on our way so we may have driven up and down the same road three times until we found a spot. 10 tense minutes later, and we were wandering towards the most heavenly smells. If anyone was watching I probably looked like a dog picking up a scent- think bread, cakes, fresh fruit, more cakes. 

The temptation to spend all our money on food we didn't need was high, but with a firm hand (and image of my financial excel spreadsheet in my mind) we managed to escape with a pie and tomatoes. Although, we did splurge out on some stone-baked pizzas for lunch, and the sunny weather made it okay to sit outside, sun and pizza what more could you want? 

Ice-cream you say? Well, conveniently we spotted a chalk board directing us to a top-notch ice-cream parlour, so naturally we followed- a bit like Sleeping Beauty to the spinning wheel. A little way up the road sat a popular gelato with too many good flavours that you spend 5 minutes trying to decide. In the end we settled for gingerbread, cookies and cream and mini egg, three flavours that were an ultimate combo and left you feeling sick, a happy kind of sick though. 

After a little stroll to walk off the pizza and ice-cream, my salads for the week made it slightly okay, we headed back to Dudley and set off home with our pie and tomatoes. If any of you are ever around for this event I would highly recommended it, and if you're ever passing through Malton I'd definitely make a pit stop at Groovy Moo's ice-cream parlour, you won't regret it!


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